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Preliminary Schedule for 2019-20

Mr. McGoldrick; Mr. Weidlich  

NHS Bowling Club Team

We will have our initial meeting of the NHS Bowling Club/Team on Monday, October 21 and then our first official practice at Bowl-O-Rama on Wednesday, October 23 2018, in rm. 325. PLEASE COME AND GIVE US YOUR CONTACT INFO. IF YOU WISH TO PARTICIPATE THIS YEAR. ALSO, BE SURE TO FILL OUT YOUR NHS ATHLETIC DEPT. REGISTRATION FORM A.S.A.P. ONLINE AT THE NHS ATHLETICS SITE, as the Athletic Dept. will print them for us, and I must get copies to all the coaches. I cannot consider you a participant for the team (nor for the BOR-discounted prices) if you do not complete this immediately

Club Schedule -

This year we will continue with having formal team practice(s) on Wednesdays, 3:00 to 5:00. Cost per bowler on Wednesday practice sessions will be $7, including shoe and ball rental, as well as two hours of practice time. Student bowlers will be expected to attend FORMAL PRACTICES unless occasionally excused by one of the coaches for a significant conflict or difficulty. It is expected that participants will do their best to accomplish at least one more practice individually or with a group already identified as NHS student bowlers sometime during the week, outside of Wednesday formal practices. As the tournaments get closer, we may likely go to two formal practices a week, most often Wednesday/Thursday, for scrimmages with other schools and more formal preparation for competition. TBA as we get closer to that time.  

If Newington Schools provides transportation this year, I am expecting it will be at 2:20, with a designated bus (Bus H)  as the intermediary to get club members over to BOR. Parents can also drop off. There will be no other transportation provided for pick up, so all parents/guardians (or other designated drivers) should be available to pick up for 5:00. Note: Any time there is a school cancellation or a cancellation of after school activities, we will not hold practice. 


Tentative Club Formal Practice Schedule at BOR:

October 21 (Rm 325 NHS)

October 23 (BOR) 3:00-5:00

October 30 (BOR) 3:00-5:00

November 6 (BOR) 3:00-5:00

November 13 (BOR) 1:00-3:00 [Mr. Weidlich will be the only coach available, due to NHS Conferences for the teachers this evening.]

November 20

* There will be no practice on the day before Thanksgiving (Nov 27th).   

December 4th (BOR) 3:00-5:00

December 11 (BOR) 3:00-5:00

December 18 (BOR) 3:00-5:00

(No formal practice during Christmas/New Year's Break)

* January 5th, 2020 (bowl-a-thon)

January 8 (BOR) 3:00-5:00

January 15  (BOR) 3:00-5:00

January 22 (BOR) 3:00-5:00

January 29 (BOR) 3:00-5:00

February 5 (BOR)  3:00-5:00

February 12 (BOR) 3:00-5:00

February 19 (BOR) 

Wed. Feb 26 * At this point, the club may well go to two or three practices just before the CIAC Team Tourney on the first Sat. of March.

Major Events for the year:

The CIAC Singles' Tournament will be held on a Saturday, January 18th, at the Nutmeg Bowl of Fairfield County again this year.  The starting time will be 10:00 a.m.. 

The CIAC (Team) Bowling Tournament will be held at Bowl-O-Rama in Newington (lucky us) on the first Saturday. Please (make every attempt to) commit and be there for your teammates. Generally, NHS has been able to secure slots for all of our bowlers, no matter the participant's bowling prowess. NHS' A Team was the #1 team two years ago. Our team has placed for the last four years every year. Our B and C Team did a respectable job as well.

        NHS Bowling Club Bowl-A-Thon is now going to be Sunday, January 5th, starting at 1:00. 

Restaurant Fundraiser TBA?

NHS Bowling Annual Dinner & Awards TBA?

* Register for NHS Bowling here:

** NHS BOWLERS WILL HAVE THE OPTION OF RIDING "BUS H" TO BE DROPPED OFF AT BOR IMMEDIATELY AFTER SCHOOL. The coach will arrive as soon as possible at or near 3:00, but the Assistant Coaches are generally there earlier. The BOR staff will supervise until coaches can get there.

*** BE SURE TO BRING $7 TO EACH FORMAL PRACTICE - A great deal from BOR and the CIAC... You receive an hour and a half to two hours' practice time and shoes for this one low rate! IF YOU GO TO PRACTICE AT BOR AT OTHER TIMES, THE COST WILL BE A REDUCED RATE PER GAME (not the $7 as on Wednesdays) . YOU MUST HAVE YOUR NHS STUDENT ID to show at the control desk. If you bring friends who are not part of the club, they will be charged the regular rate. FOR NHS BOWLING CLUB MEMBERS ONLY



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