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Meeting Locations: Occasionally at NHS Rm. 325 and much more often at Bowl-O-Rama, 2143 Berlin Tpke

The REGISTRATION FORM for NHS Bowling for 2019-2020

All those participating in any NHS team sport must complete an NHS Sports (Fall) Registration Form for bowling that is returned and on file at the NHS Athletics Dept. WE NEED TO HAVE ALL PARTICIPANTS REGISTERED BEFORE OCTOBER 15th, so that we have safety information for students bowling at BOR, riding the bus, etc... The AD's office will print off the forms for the coach(es) on that morning. PARTICIPANTS GOING TO WED. PRACTICE SHOULD HAVE THIS ON FILE WITH THE A.D.'S OFFICE BY THIS DATE.  If not, I have instructed BOR to charge full price (the cost for someone not a member of the team) until the problem is rectified. This is a safety issue. 

Further, all those who are going to accept membership on this team must first accept the responsibility of their commitment to others. Keep in mind - Your teammates are relying on your availability on the date(s) of any scrimmages (on Wednesdays) and statewide tournament(s), on two different Saturdays, the CIAC Singles'  Bowling tourney will be mid to late January  in Fairfield, CT; the team tournament location and date is also TBA, but we have been lucky enough to have it at Bowl-O-Rama around the last week of Feb or . As this is an official Newington High School team, although also a club, it is a commitment that you are making now to all of us that YOU WILL BE PRESENT FOR THE TOURNAMENT(s) and that you will do your best to make team practices (though you will still be allowed to make up practice time on your own time at Bowl-O-Rama, so be sure to check in with the desk as an NHS Bowling Team member). 

All students who wish to participate must either take Bus H from the high school to BOR on formal practice days (generally only Wednesdays until just before the tournaments in late Winter/early Spring), and will wait there to get started until the coaches arrive and practice begins) or bowlers can arrange transportation themselves. Students may choose to have rides from parents or other designated transportation (known and approved by the parent/guardian) to drop them off at BOR. As we cannot provide a bowling alley at the high school, these are the very best solutions.

For the present, Bowl-O-Rama has been gracious enough to allow preliminary and formal practices for any and all interested participants, regardless of bowling ability, for the same low price. They are continuing to be committed to allowing us to get the same low price for each practice: shoe rental and one hour (sometimes an hour and a half) of practice @ $7.  However, practice outside of this will be $2.00 a game for NHS Bowling members only; friends who are not joining the bowling team but want to go to bowl with you would need to pay the normal price for lanes and shoes. 

We are excited to welcome new and returning coaches, Ms. Tracy Perun and Mrs. Marie Lennon, in supervisory roles. We will still able to offer some bowling improvement options for all members, including some tips from avid bowlers, like a former PBA bowler, Head Coach, Mr. Dave Weidlich. Further, Mr. "Junior" Gervais, coach of the Junior League at BOR, and Mr. Fred J. Callahan, co-owner of the BOR, may also be available to offer instruction to our bowlers, but due to recent events, we will have to see what can be arranged. NHS teacher and Coach/Advisor, Mr. Frank McGoldrick, will continue to oversee the operation as he has done for the past seven years...      

Even though the NHS Bowling Team is a club presently, it should be kept in mind that students who participate are expected to maintain good grades and represent the bowling team favorably by their appearance and behavior, in school and outside of it. With practice, willingness to learn and take direction, discipline and commitment, the NHS Bowling Team has a bright future ahead of us; we are already winners once we have made the commitment to ourselves to achieve. Last year, the NHS Bowling Team A took the state title in the CIAC Bowling Tournament held right here in Newington.  The year before, our own William Weidlich took the First Place crown at the CIAC Singles' Bowling Tournament, held in Fairfield, CT. That year, our NHS Bowling A Team took Third Place in the CIAC Team Tournament for the second year in a row.  Who knows where we'll go from here? It is your choice if you'd like to be a part of it. No bowler is turned away. We are looking for beginners, intermediates, and experts (we even have a few students who have been bowling actively all their lives- two who have enjoyed a perfect -300- game in their career). There's room for all.  In time, we will be having official tryouts and designating specific teams for the tournament. (TBA).  

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